Zott – Zottarella competition


Zottarella, a cult product, synonymous with mozzarella – the most frequently chosen cheese of its kind by Poles. Used in salads, but with many more uses.


Prepare a consumer activation that will not only be positively received by consumers, but will also emphasise the emotional aspects of the brand image. And that’s not the end of the challenge! As part of the activation, we were also to showcase the possibilities Zottarella offers, to inspire and encourage culinary experimentation.


The kitchen is the place where we just create, but also recreate memories – referring to our holiday trips or dreams related to them. That is why we invited consumers to a game where they could share their best moments accompanied by Zottarella. In this way, we based the competition on the product, supporting its image, and communicatively alluded to memories, shared moments and small pleasures. The simple mechanics and up to 500 prizes resulted in an avalanche of entries. Consumers appreciated the creative narrative, eagerly taking part in the activation. And the Zottarella? Not only does it taste great, but from now on it takes us on a journey towards great moments together.