The Royal Castle - Citylight campaign


The Royal Castle is not a brand, it is a symbol. Unfortunately, with the passing of time it has become covered in a bit of dust, losing its appeal to new generations. Temporary exhibitions still receive a lively response from visitors, but the permanent exhibition seems to have been forgotten, despite the extraordinary riches it contains.


The challenge we were given was clear and, at the same time, quite complex. To prepare image materials for the brand that would make the audience discover and get to know the place anew. The project not only had to accentuate the current image, but also open it up to new interpretations.


What is the Royal Castle for the Poles? A great history – and our task was to show that this history is close, accessible and open to everyone. This is how the slogan THIS CLOSE TO GREAT HISTORY and the KV that depicted it came about. Based on the idea of mixing contemporary sensibility vs art history, they invite the audience to discover the Castle, showing it as a friendly and open meeting place.