Fazer - Dumle competition


Dumle is an iconic brand from Finland. These toffee-filled sweets are popular all over the world.


To prepare an activation highlighting the international character of Dumle. Place of action airport.


At the airport, it’s all about waiting. Sometimes for a very long time. Our idea was to make this waiting fun. We prepared a special Dumli passport and prizes to speed things up at the airport: suitcase scooters. The consumer’s task: enjoy the taste of Dumli and creatively fill in the passport. And if there was still time left, we prepared additional waiting games – puzzles. We dressed the whole thing in the brand’s characteristic illustrations, reflecting its credo – never grow up.

Distinctive graphics, an interesting activation, and all of it inscribed in the needs of consumers. The result of our actions could only be one: an increase in product sales and satisfaction on the faces of consumers.